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From the creator of Project Absentia comes a festive fresh take on an old cult classic. Do you dare enter this truck stop again?

Sanya "Waffles" Vaffelzscki has had a rough couple years. After helping to spark a revolution, she leaves the police force in protest, and she now simply wants to take a break from investigating a holly jolly cult bent on world domination, and go visit her comrades out west for the holidays.

Unfortunately she has found herself in the middle of festive warfare - with the enemy determined to make everything Saccharine - by force if they must. She doesn't want to go medieval on their asses, but she has no other choice.

Will she be able to stop this icy insurrection and get to her friends' place for the holidays?

  • High-res flash graphics mixed with pixel textures - the Waffle Iron Studios signature art style
  • Six festive levels set in the great north - Aysburg. Start at a truck stop and work your way to the Occupied North Pole. And yes, there are shopping centers with evil Santas. You wish your road trips were this badass
  • Serves as a side story to the Project Absentia lore
  • Voice Acting featuring TheWitchPunk as Sanya "Waffles" Vaffelzscki, the heroine Private Detective, with supporting roles by Uncle Had (no relation) as most enemy voices, Korzodin as a tree dying, and guest starring Major Arlene as "The Gift"
  • Tons of references and humor (and void orbs)
  • Festive takes on iconic weapon tropes - from bouncy, explosive Christmas Crackers, to the Buckin' Bronco BB Gun that can poke more than your enemies eyes out, Missile-Toe Launchers, and of course a kickass shotgun for huntin' game
  • Two flash-drawn cutscene slideshows that'll hit you in the feels
  • Funny loot to collect - from bootleg games and media to dubious plushies - and lots of dosh. Collect enough to boost your max health, increasing your chances of survival
  • Legally distinct takes on Christmas special characters
  • Powered by Griddle, and can run on GZDoom, VKDoom and Delta Touch (though Delta Touch and VKDoom are unsupported and said ability to run can change at any time, and might not have all the features of Griddle)

NOTE: Like Project Absentia, this game contains adult concepts. Player and viewer discretion is advised.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorWaffle Iron Studios
TagsCartoon, Christmas, First-Person, flash, holiday, LGBT, reload-magazine, Singleplayer


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I passed this Game!

Although it seemed Short and Simple to me, even with High Difficulties, I spent a good couple of hours of gameplay! I can say one thing: The Christmas Spin-off for "Project Absentia" was a success!

Besides, I was waiting for its Full Release for the Christmas Review, which I have just written (In Russian: DoomGuy.Ru)!


This game is really awesome.


I made Korean patch:


patch it if you Korean.


Another funky banger
Played only the demo but still enjoyed it alot and if I wasn't poor as crap I'd buy the game honestly
Good job :DDD

(1 edit) (+1)


It is freeware at the moment (and we don't intend on making it paid only). Just you can tip us is all.


I might in the future when I get money to spend lol


appreciate your support!

Starts to load on gzdoom on Delta Touch apk but has 8 errors and won't work.

Delta Touch is not supported, sorry.

Scratch that. Try it now. It runs with GZDoom 4.11.3, so if Delta Touch supports that, should work now.

(1 edit) (+1)

I've updated Delta Touch which updated gzdoom and it works but griddle.pk3 doesn't work.  Great game, thank you. 👍

griddle.pk3 is our gzdoom fork, no need to load it with gzdoom or delta touch. Glad it worked for you regardless.


Hahaha, this is awesome!


nice shooter


I love that Phoenix dolls are collectables for points 😏😂